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Flowers by David is a florist in Bucks County PA. Flowers For All Occasions 101. Wedding Arrangements for the Bride and Entourage. After going over the basics, we discussed the aspects of floral design. Now, we learn how to apply them to organizing arrangements for big events. Celebrations get much brighter and spectacular with a gorgeous selection of blooms. And we're here to help you get started on two of the most common events decorated with flowers. For this article, we talk about wedding flowers, right from the planning stage to the reception. We take you through theme selection with your customers to the delivery or pickup of their orders. We've compiled a practical guide to setting up wedding decor, no matter how grand or meticulous. Read through our next article to learn about funeral flowers. We talk about how we can help mourning families with a stylish arrangement or two.


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Making Arrangements with the Client. When meeting with customers, there are a few things every florist should find out. All florists want to bring the best possible service for every client that asks for help. For every event, there are specific details you need, especially for a huge event like a wedding. Here are a couple of things florists should know about the customer's upcoming wedding. Theme or Motif. How does the client picture her wedding? They've dreamed of this their whole life, so make sure to get as much details as possible. Of course, if they happen to offer an inspiration or mood board for their wedding, all the better. You'll have a more specific vision for your proposal. Win-win for everyone!

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Venue. Garden weddings and outdoors ceremonies are becoming the trend these days. Unfortunately, getting no shade from the harsh sunlight is every florists' horror story. Make sure to ask if tented areas are available. This way, you can plan ahead for the styles of your arrangements. Plus, you'll get to keep everything from drying out and withering too fast. After all, it's not just flowers on display. You place your creativity on display with the delicate corsages and lovely centerpieces. Size and Headcount. Any expert knows that major events will collapse without necessary details. Florists are no exception. You're going to need every detail to make your clients' dream wedding come to life. How many guests are attending? What's the total number of the wedding party? How many are the tables, and what size? What's the size of the wedding arch? What's the timeline offered to get everything ready before the wedding? How much time do we have to set up in the venue? Everything is important.

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Are you in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area and are looking for a business that does flower delivery near me? Are you interested in having fresh flowers delivered? If the answer is yes, you have found a great resource to take care of all your florist needs. We are the best florist in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. No arrangement is too big or too small for us. We provide full-service floristry services.

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Balance. This principle focuses on the form and composition of your floral design. Regardless of your desired style is, each arrangement must have a sense of balance. To achieve this, your bouquet should have an element of equal color, texture, or weight on each side. Flowers and accessories need to balance each other well in creative ways. Rhythm. This element brings life to your design! It creates flow and movement that grabs attention. It's all about aligning flowers based upon their shape and form. This way, it pulls the eye to the center of the design all the way to its edges. Emphasis. Main flowers are the stars of your show! They act as the center of your design. This is where accents and foliage seem to rise from, creating a stunning illusion. This principle is about bringing focus to your main flowers. You can create emphasis by contrasting colors and types of blooms. This means you choose accents and foliage to complement the main flowers! Harmony and Unity. Every floral arrangement needs to be relevant to the event and theme. It must ensure a harmonious blend of different colors. It also needs to look unified with its vase and placement. For a more detailed manual on the use of color and design in floristry, see our next article!

Three Primary Styles of Floral Design. Several styles of floral design came about from distinct cultures around the world. Plenty of florists continue to carry out these traditions in fresh and relevant ways. The first primary style of floral design is the Oriental style. It highlights the lines of the arrangement. It pursues unity and balance in combining flowers and greens. Next is the traditional or Western style. It emphasizes the look and use of flowers en masse. It tends towards uneven forms that still spur rhythm and creativity. Coming in last is the modern floral style. It ensued as a blend of Eastern and Western styles. It draws from the form and lines of the Oriental style. But it also allows florists to show their creative flair through unique design. Elements and Principles of Floral Design. As florists, we have our favorite styles. Our customers also have different tastes and needs. But for every arrangement, every florist needs to incorporate a few basic elements. With this, you can craft top-quality bouquets that still match your client's demands. Here is the list of important factors to remember:. Design. Every design starts off with producing a visual and theme. Are you aiming for a chic finish or a rustic appeal? Should your bouquet have a bright look or a subtle one? It is essential to consider these questions before designing your arrangement. Proportion and Scale. These two elements come hand in hand when you plan floral arrangements. They're especially practical when you prep for large affairs and venues. Proportion refers to the relationship between the sizes of pieces in your design. This consists of your flowers, plants, and vases. Scale is about the placement of your flowers in the desired space. For example, will your arrangement serve as a centerpiece for a table or decor for the whole venue? This will help you see if your design fits the space where you place it.


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Bucks County is a county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As of the 2020 census, the population was 646,538. It is the fourth-most populous county in Pennsylvania. The county seat is Doylestown. The county is named after the English county of Buckinghamshire. Bucks County, Pennsylvania 40°20′N 75°07′W.

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